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Zum Download von <b>Music-Memo-Game</b> auf den Titel klicken! Jetzt <b>Music-Memo-Game</b> kostenlos herunterladen - download for free! Music-Memo-Game - Windows - freeware top

Music-Memo-GameDas Music-Memo-Game ist ein Gedächtnis-Spiel mit Tonausgabe - d.h. zu jedem Bild erklingt auch ein entsprechendes Tonbeispiel - also zu einem Komponistenportrait ein bekanntes Werk, oder zum Musikinstrument ein charakteristisches Hörbeispiel u.s.w.

In dieser Freeware Version sind 12 verschiedene Spiele enthalten:
    Instrumente (10 Instrumente mit einem charakteristischen Klangbeispiel)
    Tiere (10 verschiedene Tiere und ihre "Stimme")
    Melodien (10 Notenbeispiele mit kurzen Melodien)
    Dreiklänge (10 verschiedene Dur / Moll Dreiklänge)
    Dreiklänge 2 (Dur, Moll, Vermindert und Umkehrungen)
    Rhythmus 1 (10 leichtere Rhythmen)
    Intervalle (diatonische Intervalle von der Prim bis zur Dezim)
    Rhythmus 2 (10 etwas schwerere Rhythmen)
    Fahnen und Hymnen (10 verschiedene Fahnen und Hymnen)
    Lieder (10 Liedanfänge bekannter Lieder)
    Komponisten 1
    Komponisten 2

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Zum Download von <b>Noten lernen mit Klavitomat</b> auf den Titel klicken! Jetzt <b>Noten lernen mit Klavitomat</b> kostenlos herunterladen - download for free! Noten lernen mit Klavitomat - 5.0.1 - Windows - 958 KB - shareware top

KlavitomatNoten lernen am PC mit Klavitomat, dem Notenlernprogramm für Violin- und Bass-Schlüssel! Klavitomat bietet eine Vielzahl von Lektionen, die thematisch gegliedert sind. Jede Lektion enthält mehrere Übungen und eigene Übungen können einfach erstellt werden. Man kann Melodien über eine Klaviertastatur oder über einen MIDI-Keyboard eingeben, abspeichern und jederzeit anhören.

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Zum Download von Music-Memo-Game auf den Titel klicken! Jetzt Music-Memo-Game kostenlos herunterladen - download for free! Music-Memo-Game - Windows - freeware top

Music-Memo-GameMusic-Memo-Game is a Concentration-type game with a music theme, in which you must match pairs of pictures and their associated sounds.
This freeware version includes 12 different games:
    10 instruments and the sounds of this instruments
    10 animals
    10 short melodies
    Triads (major and minor triads)
    Triads 2
    Rhythm 1 (easy rhythms)
    Intervals (diatonic intervalls)
    Rhythm 2 (other rhythms)
    Banners and hymns
    Songs (beginnings of songs)
    Composer 1
    Composer 2

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Zum Download von <b>Earope</b> - Advanced Ear Training auf den Titel klicken! Jetzt <b>Earope</b> - Advanced Ear Training kostenlos herunterladen - download for free! Earope - Advanced Ear Training - Windows - shareware

EaropeEarope will give you a lot of extra confidence and make it easy to communicate music to others, play by ear, transcribe a tune when you hear it, compose music, improvise and read music and much more.
Earope was developed for musicians, by musicians. It is a full-featured profesionally developed ear training software package aimed at anyone spending time with learning, practicing or teaching music.
Earope lets you use the free-form practice or you can let EarTutor™ improve your ear for you!
Available in several languages including English, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish and more to come.

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Zum Download von <b>Singing Tutor</b> auf den Titel klicken! Jetzt <b>Singing Tutor</b> kostenlos herunterladen - download for free! Singing Tutor - Windows - demo

singingtutorUnlike usual karaoke program which just show your rate at the end of song. Singing-Tutor shows your rate during singing, also it visually shows your voice-line and song melody notes so you can immediately correct your voice.
Singing Tutor idea is simple. Each note features a defined pitch frequency. The higher note has the higher frequency and vise versa. Singing Tutor allows to measure the pitch frequency of the voice or music, with high precision, and to compare it with pitch frequency of the reference note.

Interesting fact: Not everyone knows how to sing well. But peoples without musical training can not understand what is wrong. Among musicians it called by mysterious word - ear for music. This "musical ear" provides some subculture divide everyone into people who have it or not. Nevertheless, ear for music can be evolved. Actually musical ear is just an ability to distinguish sounds of close height. Singing Tutor is wonderful voice tone measurer. Its measure accuracy more than enough to discern sounds, which very close to each other. From that standpoint, he has a great musical ear. It immediately displays your voice tone, and the nearest musical note. So you can adjust your voice, making it slightly above or below. Also it can sing in harmony with you, playing nearest note your voice. In such a way Singing Tutor discover mystery musical ear. And giving you an excellent opportunity to learn sing better.
With Singing tutor you can: Measure voice tone, Improve karaoke singing skills, guitar tuning. Sing with mp3 song background and immediately see your singing accuracy visually. Sing karaoke songs (.kar-files). Listen your voice interpreted by MIDI. Sing melody and look how to play it with keyboard instrument. Record and listen your own voice in wav format. Play on your PC keyboard like on musical synthesizer. Impartial Singing Tutor will help you to estimate your abilities and develop your singing skills.

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Zum Download von AudiLab, Gehörbildungssoftware auf den Titel klicken! Jetzt AudiLab, Gehörbildungssoftware kostenlos herunterladen - download for free! AudiLab, Gehörbildungssoftware - Windows - shareware

audilabDie interaktive Gehörbildungs-Software AudiLab ist mit seinen elementaren Höraufgaben, Aufgaben zur Vorbereitung auf die Aufnahmeprüfung an einer Musikhochschule bis hin zu anspruchsvollen Intonations- und Transpositionsübungen für Schüler ebenso geeignet wie für Musikstudenten.
Für den Gehörbildungs-Unterricht gibt es für Musikpädagogen die Netzversion von AudiLab.
AudiLab besteht zur Zeit aus 9 Modulen, die sich mit den Bereichen Intervall, Klang, Rhythmus, Skalen, Jazz, 12-Tonreihen befassen.

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Zum Download von Chord ID - identify chords by ear auf den Titel klicken! Jetzt Chord ID - identify chords by ear kostenlos herunterladen - download for free! Chord ID - identify chords by ear - Windows - shareware

Chord IDChord ID has 18 levels of graduated ear training difficulty.
There are 60 units with 20 questions in each unit for a total 1200 questions, each with 8 chords. Questions are in major and minor keys in Latin, country, rock, and jazz styles with immediate feedback and scoring. Chord ID has three answer modes: Functions (Roman numerals), Chords (C Maj, Dmin, etc.), Qualities (Maj, min, dim).

Chord ID - identify chords by ear - weitere Informationen...


Zum Download von Fretboard Mastery auf den Titel klicken! Jetzt Fretboard Mastery kostenlos herunterladen - download for free! Fretboard Mastery - anderes - trialware

Fretboard Mastery is a Palm OS tool to help you master the guitar fretboard, quickly and with the minimum of effort. Get to know every note on every string - instantly, without thinking or hesitation!
Good knowledge of the fretboard will enable you to: improvise better, learn songs quicker, learn more chords and scales, read music and tablature fluently, play fewer wrong notes, understand music theory, and be more confident and satisfied with your playing.
Requires Palm Pilot computer or similar running PalmOS 3.0 or later

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Zum Download von Guitar Power auf den Titel klicken! Jetzt Guitar Power kostenlos herunterladen - download for free! Guitar Power - Windows - trialware

Guitar PowerThe Ultimate Scale, Chord and Arpeggio Reference for Guitarists

Guitar Power is a truly interactive learning system. Quickly and easily use scales, chords and arpeggios. Any style or level - learn the secrets of the pros and play like your guitar heroes.
Guitar Power will teach you: 3000+ chord voicings, 500+ scales, 550+ arpeggios, triads in any inversion, notes on the fretboard, how to name your own chords and which scales to use when soloing.

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Zum Download von musiXcool auf den Titel klicken! Jetzt musiXcool kostenlos herunterladen - download for free! musiXcool - Windows - demo

musiXcoolDie Musik-Lernsoftware, mit der Lernen Spaß macht!

musiXcool - weitere Informationen...


Zum Download von Personal Ear Trainer auf den Titel klicken! Jetzt Personal Ear Trainer kostenlos herunterladen - download for free! Personal Ear Trainer - Windows - trialware

Personal Ear TrainerAdvanced Ear Training Software for musicians
Accelerate your musical development, hone your skills, take your playing to the next level. Work by yourself at your own pace, using your computer as an instructor.
Good aural skills benefit all musicians: become a better soloist, sight read more fluently, transcribe music, learn from recordings etc. Suitable for all instruments and all levels - beginners to advanced.

Personal Ear Trainer - weitere Informationen...


Zum Download von Pitch ID - ear training exercises auf den Titel klicken! Jetzt Pitch ID - ear training exercises kostenlos herunterladen - download for free! Pitch ID - ear training exercises - Windows - freeware

Pitch IDGraduated ear training exercises for pitch and interval identification Easy to advanced.
Pitch ID trains pitch and interval identifcation by ear with immediate feedback and scoring. Pitch ID generates unlimited questions in every major and harmonic minor key in 15 levels of graduated difficulty.
Begin with pitches or intervals selected from 'do' 'mi' 'sol', scale steps 1, 3, and 5 from the selected scale. Or begin with more scale steps. Correctly identify the note or interval by clicking the screen keyboard and the program replays, shows, sounds the correct note and then sounds the next note. If you do not correctly identify the pitch or interval, the program indicates an error, repeats the note and pauses for your answer. AutoAdvance advises when to advance to questions containing more scale steps. AutoModulate advises when to change keys.

Pitch ID - ear training exercises - weitere Informationen...


Zum Download von Spell ID - music theory exercises auf den Titel klicken! Jetzt Spell ID - music theory exercises kostenlos herunterladen - download for free! Spell ID - music theory exercises - Windows - shareware

Spell IDGraduated music theory exercises: scales, intervals, chords, cadences, secondary dominants.
Practice spelling all scales, intervals, triads to 13th chords, cadences, borrowed chords and secondary dominants. Learn to spell the pop chords in 'real' books and sheet music, all with immediate feedback and scoring. The Help file is a complete beginning music theory book including cadences, borrowed chords and secondary dominants.
Answer questions by clicking the screen keyboard. See your answer notated and played as you answer. Questions in each exercise are presented in random order for repeated practice. Peek at the correct answer, go to the next question, or repeat previous questions at any time.

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