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Convert MIDI files to sheet music
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  • Convert MIDI files to sheet music, using music (MIDI) files you can download from the Internet.
  • Print the music, and view it on the screen as the notes play.
  • Practice music as you sing along or play your instrument with accompaniment.
  • Annotate scores with accent marks, dynamic marks, ornaments, slurs, free text, etc. 

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Have more fun listening to music

  • Download any of 100,000s of MIDI files on the Internet.
    Notation Musician converts MIDI files to sheet music with amazing accuracy.
  • Watch the notes on the screen as they play. Hear and see the score as a conductor does.
  • Slow down the tempo for closer listening.
  • Increase the volume for a selected instrument so that you can focus your listening on that instrument.
  • Improve your listening skills, and enhance your enjoyment of music with an exciting new visual dimension: the music notation.

Practice singing or playing your instrument

  • Play along with your accoustic instrument, or sing along, as you read the notes from your part from the screen.
  • Let Musician play the accompaniment for other instruments
  • Slow down the tempo when you are first learning the music
  • Let Musician automatically turn pages for you.
  • Set up practice loops for any range of measures, for any number of repeats, with optionally increasing tempo.

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Notation Musician convert MIDI files to sheet music

Save money on sheet music

  • Convert to sheet music any of 100,000s of MIDI files on the Internet.
  • For the voice, easily merge lyrics and the melody, or add and edit lyrics.
  • For the piano, split a MIDI keyboard track into right- and left-hand staves. With a single command, prepare a piano reduction of a instrumental or choir score.
  • For the guitar, autoharp, and piano, rearrange the score into a "fake book" with chord names, Musician analyzes the harmony of the music and displays chord names, such as C7 and Gm9.
  • For a wind or brass instrument, transpose according to the key of the instrument. View and print the conductor's score in concert pitch or transposed instrument pitches.

Learn music notation

  • Learn to read music notation by seeing the notes as they play for songs you are familiar with. It is like learning a foreign language by having someone point to things and saying their names.
  • Slow down the tempo, even as little as one tenth of the normal playback speed, so that you can better see and hear what notes are being played.
  • You will soon start associating in your mind the music notation that corresponds to notes that you hear.
  • Refer to Musician's excellent User's Guide for explanations of more advanced music symbols.
  • Use Musician as a tool to learn music notation as you are also studying music with a teacher or friend.


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Notation ComposerNotation Composer
Easily create music scores that look and sound great.
Mac, Linux
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music notation
  • Create music from scratch, or rearrange music (MIDI) files that you can download from the Internet.
  • Easily prepare the printable score, letting Composer make intelligent formatting decisions.
  • Tweak the performance of the playback (MIDI) using intuitive graphical editing tools.
  • Enjoy all of the features of Notation Musician, which are fully included in Composer.

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Arrange music for your own playing or singing

  • Find a music (MIDI) file on the Internet for the song or piece you want to play, and convert it to sheet music.
  • Arrange the music to fit your performance skills.
  • Transpose the music for your instrument or voice range.
  • Add your own musical style to the arrangement.
  • Prepare fake book lead sheets for the guitar or keyboard.

Arrange music for your child or music student

  • Find a music (MIDI) file on the Internet for the song or piece for your child or your music student, and convert it to sheet music.
  • Arrange the music to fit your child's or music student's performance skills.
  • Increase the font size for easier reading.
  • For beginning students, display 'Easy Notes' with pitch letters (e.g. C) inside the large notes.
  • Add free text annotation for music instructions.

Notation Composer Easily create music scores that look and sound great.

Compose your own songs and music

  • Start a new song, easily setting up the staves, meter, and key signature.
  • Add notes with the mouse, or from a music (MIDI) keyboard in real time or step time.
  • Edit the notes with quick, easy, and intuitive methods.
  • Add a wide variety of music annotations, including accent marks, dynamic marks, ornaments (grace notes, trills, tremelos, etc.), and slurs (phrase marks).
  • Tweak the playback performance with the capabilities of a MIDI editing application, but with a musical, notation-based user interface

Prepare parts for your band or choir

  • Quickly prepare the conductor's score starting from scratch, or by letting Notation Composer accurately transcribe a MIDI file for the piece.
  • Independently format each instrumental or vocal part, and yet the part is always synchronized with the conductor's score. For example, add a note in the conductor' score, and it will show up in the individual part, or vice versa.
  • At any time, toggle between concert pitches and instrument transpositions. The score or part is correctly reformatted.
  • Aurally audit each part by muting other parts, or by temporarily increasing the volume level of one part relative to others.
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