VSTi / DXi Scorpion
Scorpion is a virtual analog VSTi synthesizer. Unlike most other virtual analog synthesizers, the Scorpion does not attempt to recreate any particular real-world analog synthesizer, but contains original circuitry. 
The Scorpion finds its use in all genres of electronic music, and is capable of a wide variety of strings, winds, basses, leads, pads and atmospheric sounds. 
You may think that two sawtooth oscillators can't produce that many different sounds, but the clever coupling with variable phase and ring-modulation, makes this an instrument that will suprise you with many exciting sounds. 
The array of possible sounds is further enhanced by a multimode filter with 4 modes, two ADSR envelopes for the filter and amplitude, and an LFO with two switchable destinations. Additionally, a modulation envelope is built in, with variable amount settings for ringmodulation and pitch.

The Scorpion has four effect sections built in: Reverb, Spectral FX, Chorus and Delay/Tremolo. The Reverb is a very smooth-sounding, physical-modelling plate reverb, with variable pre-delay and damping. The Spectral FX unit, is a special effect for spectral enhancement, which can be used both for boosting the bass, adding presence or brilliance to the sound.

The Scorpion comes with a bank of 100 presets. Download Scorpion
 VSTi / DXi Plucked String
Plucked String is a physical modelling string instrument with a warm and pleasant sound, which includes five different string models.
The type of sounds range from fuzzy, metallic guitar strings, over smooth nylon strings, to big and fat floorbass. It is also capable of more imaginative sounds with less resamblance to any real-world instruments. 

A selection of four different wavesets (also called models) is available. In the latest version, a fifth model was added - the "acoustic" model, which is even more lively and real sounding than any of the other models.

Download VSTi / DXi Plucked String
 VSTi / DXi Poly-850 
Poly-850 is a VSTi / DXi synthesizer plug-in, which started out as an emulation of a vintage synth, but went beyond that by adding a several improvements and new features over the original. 
Additionally, automation and a redesigned user interface with direct access to every parameter, make it much more user friendly and accessible, than the original unit. 

The concept of the Poly-850 is simple: 2 oscillators, one filter for all voices, 3 envelopes, a modulation generator and a chorus effect.

What makes the Poly-850 special, is the unique sound of the oscillators, and the quality of the chorus effect. 

As a result, the Poly-850 is particularly great for warm backing sounds and atmospheric pad sounds, that fit nicely into the background of a mix. However you'll find all kind of other useful sounds in the preset banks as well. 

Download VSTi / DXi Poly-850
 VSTi / DXi Hydra
The Hydra is a multi-model VSTi / DXi synthesizer, designed for use in all genres of electronic music.
The oscillator routing can be switched between three radically different models, which is almost like having three different synthesizers in one - each model has it's own distinct character and sonic capabilities.

The logical organization of the user interface makes it easy to maintain a good overview of the high number of parameters, and design your own original sounds.

The online help system provides detailed information about every parameter. 

Two of the three oscillators have 39 preset waveforms, and can be individually saturated. Envelopes can be switched to percussive mode, turning the instrument into an extremely versatile drum sound synthesizer.

A number of effects are built in: a chorus/delay effect with a tempo sync option, a special bass expansion unit for solid sub basses, and a roaring distortion effect.

It comes with a library of 150 useful and imaginative presets, including house/club style organs, bells and percussions, basses, subtle ambient atmospheres, powerful leads and rich stereo pads.

Download VSTi / DXi Hydra
 Toxic 6-operator-FM synthesizer
Toxic is a 6-operator-FM synthesizer of highest quality, with alias-free oscillators, warm filters and precise envelopes. All controls are interpolated, allowing to tweak all parameters smoothly in realtime without clicks.
A powerful effects section with an Equalizer, a Distortion unit and two Chorus, Flanger and Delay units completes this excellent generator. 

The Toxic interface was very carefully designed- despite having many parameters, Toxic features are a very streamlined GUI, allowing rapid access to all relevant parameters - no hidden pages or endless searching for a specific parameter. Producers who do not like to program their own sounds from scratch will be happy to see that the Toxic comes with 10 banks full of excellent, ready-to-use presets. 

Toxic is available both as a VST 2.4 instrument plugin and in Orion. 

Download VSTi / DXi Hydra
 SynthPack Ultimate 64-Bit released
The 64-bit Windows versions of all of Synapse Audio's VST plugins are available now! The 64-bit editions offer substantial performance gains over the 32-bit editions: 
Toxic (1.4x more performance) 
Hydra (1.7x more performance) 
Scorpion (1.2x more performance) 
Plucked String (1.3x more performance) 
Poly-850 (1.8x more performance) 
The measurements have been made using the default patch at maximum polyphony in the 32- and 64-bit editions of Orion.

Get the Synth Pack Ultimate and save 30% on the total price!
The Synth Pack Ultimate includes the Toxic 2.5, Hydra, Scorpion, Poly-850 and Plucked String (both 32- and 64-bit editions). 
Orion is a complete virtual studio software, including a powerful pattern-based sequencer, many synthesizers and effects, a mixing desk with sub busses, and multitrack audio recording.
All common interfaces, VST, DirectX and ReWire are fully supported. Orion ships with a massive 1 GB sound library of more than 900 royalty-free presets and high quality multisamples. Demo songs and tutorials are included as well.

More Info about Orion

Orion comes with the following generators: 
Toxic III - Successor of the Toxic 2 synthesizer. 6-Operator FM Synthesizer with modulation matrix and multiple onboard effect sections, as well as a powerful step sequencer. 
Toxic II - 6-Operator FM Synthesizer with modulation matrix and multiple onboard effect sections. Orion includes both the Toxic 2 and its successor, the Toxic 3. Both come with a large selection of outstanding presets. 
Tomcat - Versatile drum sound synthesizer. 
Sampler - Multisample player with two LFOs and three envelopes. Supports reading many industry standard formats such as SoundFont (SF2), Akai S5000/6000 and many more. 
Ultran - Wave-morphing sampler with four oscillators, two LFOs and three envelopes, custom velocity response and more. 
Wasp - Virtual Analog synthesizer with two oscillators + subosc, two LFOs and three envelopes, integrated effect unit and six different filter modes. From the beautiful to the plain weird, from lush pads and strings to harsh leads and basses - the virtual analog WASP synthesizer does it all, and with conviction. 
Drums - Flexible sample-based drum machine, with up to 18 tracks, containing its own step and velocity sequencer. Both single WAV files, as well as multisampled LM4 kits with velocity layers can be imported. 
Monobass - Monophonic bass synth. 
XR-909 - Analog drum synthesizer, with individual parameters for each of the eight individually modelled drum circuits. The XR909 contains its own step sequencer, but like all Orion generators, it can of course be controlled via MIDI, the piano roll or even PC keyboard as well. 
Wavefusion - Wavetable synthesizer with three oscillators, three LFOs, three envelopes and three filter modes. 
creamer - 2-Oscillator virtual analog monosynth with special overdrive and accent/slide circuitry. 
Plucked String - Physical modelling synth. 
MIDI Out - Use this module to compose with external gear. 
Plug-in Support - Full VSTi and DXi integration. 

More Info about Orion        Download Orion
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