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Programme: Mellosoftron   MIDInight Express  WAVmaker    WAV to MP3, MP3 to WAV, CD to MP3, CD to WAV, WAV Batch Conversions Audio CD / Video CD, MPEG Audio (MP3, MP2), Vivo Digital Video, RealAudio / RealVideo, Windows Video (AVI), MPEG Video (MPG, MPEG, MPE), Apple QuickTime (MOV, QT), Standard Windows Audio (WAV), MIDI, AIFF, AU, SND, CD-Mastering, Audio Compression Software, CD-Mastering, RED ROASTER, Samplitude Studio, Cool Edit , MP3-EnCoder, MP3-Spieler, CD Lesegerät und CD Brenner, *.WAV, *.MID, *.RMI, *.AVI -je nach System werden auch *.MOD,*.S3M, *.FLI, *.AAS oder *.FLC, Audiograbber is a cd-ripper , Copying CD-audio tracks (CDDA) to disk using ASPI/ATAPI/Generic WIN32/SCSI (Windows 95/98 / Windows-NT)and CDFS driver (Windows 95/98). Supporting SCSI/ATAPI (Windows-95 and Windows-NT) and non-SCSI/ATAPI drives (Windows-NT). Dec Alpha support with FX!32 and generic WIN32 interface Overread defect sectors, jitter correction, sector rereading, speedselection. Combine several tracks into one file (no gaps when recording classic or live CD) Save excerptions of a track, selection down to frame possible. Save files in WAV, AU, RAW, Yamaha VQF, AAC, Realaudio, MPG (MPEG 1 layer 2), MP3 (MPEG 1 Layer 3) and MPA (MPEG 2 Lager 3) format through MP3-Compressor/L3enc,l3codec, Xing MPEG Encoder, x3enc, plugger. BladeEnc EXE/DLL and TOMPG, MP3 decompression through built in decompressor (XAUDIO), l3dec and l3codec. Save files in mono/stereo, 8/16 Bit, 22050/44100 kHz, channel swapping, MPx bitrate conversion, VQF decompression, CD-Player functions, DAO CUE-Sheet generation, WINAMP playlist generation, commandline mode. MP3-tag-ID information, ID3V2 support, full support of CDPLAYER.INI and CDDB (CDDBP and HTTP) protocol to retrieve CD-information, CDDB batch queries, automatic matching of CDDB category to ID3 category, support for MP3-lyrics Tag V1 and V2, and lyrics server, wav normalization, CDDB format to CSV conversion, small MP3 Player with support of infrared remote control, CDDB to CDPLAYER.INI conversion, multilanguage support, Diamond Rio player support, playlist management Winamp and Realaudio), CD-inlay editor with support of the most common graphics formats and TWAIN scanner interface. Writing of audio tracks to CDR from WAV, MP3 and MP3-WAV format, ripping of multiple drives (juke boxes), Realaudio format and MP3->Realaudio and MP3->VQF conversion for registered users, Sibelius™ Notensatzprogramm, Encore, Notationsprogramm, NoteWorthy Composer, Finale Allegro,Windows, Macintosh, Coda, MusicTime, MidiScan,scannen,noten, Notensatz,MIDI-Datei,download,free,gratis,kostenlos,