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Hier in diesem Forum gibts auch ein Archiv, wo diese Frage schon behandelt wurde; also mal schaun, bevor man fragt, OK? ;)

Ich wiederhole mein seinerzeitiges Posting nochmals für Dich:

Wenn auch nicht so toll, funktioniert das Ganze mit WAV2MID
Englische Beschreibung >>>> is designed to convert monophonic audio sound encoded as WAV files - into MIDI Data. The software Incorporates Audioworks leading edge music cognition engine Sound2MIDI™. With WAV2MID you can import WAV files containing Solo lines and samples of different instruments including percussion and save the results as a MIDI file.
While WAV2MID is designed to extract single pitches only, you can sometimes achieve interesting special effects with complex sounds that contain more than one instrument or note played at any one time. In these circumstances WAV2MID can be used to accentuate the fundamental frequencies of complex sounds by combining the original audio with the synchronised MIDI result.

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